Common Reasons Why Boilers Break Down During Winter

During the winter, the central heating system is working over time. This is also when many boilers break down. It’s best to call a professional if you don’t know what’s causing your boiler problems. Still, it’s important that you are familiar with the most common issues that cause this, especially during the colder months. This way, you will know if it’s time to consider a New boiler Edinburgh installation.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

Does your boiler make a gurgling sound when you try to turn it on? If the temperature outside has been below freezing for a long time, your condensate line may have frozen up. This is often the reason why a boiler breaks down in the wintertime. If the condensate pipe is visible, you can try pouring hot water over it to defrost. 

Weak Pressure

Low pressure can make your boiler shut off and stop heating the radiators that are farthest from it. The quick fix is to turn the pressure relief valve. Check the panel to see if there are 1–1.5 bars. Once you put the pressure back, reset your boiler. Also, pressure may be going down in the boiler because of a leak. If so, it needs to be looked at by an engineer.

Thermostat Issues

If your boiler doesn’t turn on when you try to, it could be because of your thermostat. After a power outage, you should check your timer settings to see if they have changed. Check the temperature on the thermostat as well. If you suspect that it’s because the temperature outdoors is below 21 degrees Celsius, try to raise the temperature. While you’re at it, check the batteries as well.

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What To Do When Boiler Breaks Down

When your boiler stops working, look back for obvious signs. There are reasons why it stopped working all of a sudden. It could be an issue with your central heating system, like a drop in temperature. But there may also be less obvious signs.

For example, too much or too little water pressure, noises like banging or clattering, over condensation, a flickering or orange pilot flame, an error message on the screen, are all signs that your water heater is not functioning as it should. Turn it off and note the error number to stop it from doing any more damage. 

Contact The Right Person When Boiler Breaks

The only person who can fix your boiler is a Gas Safe engineer. If you are experiencing problems with your boiler, get in touch with one. Find an engineer who is registered with Gas Safe. If your boiler is still under warranty or insurance, you can’t just have anyone fix it. Check the paperwork to see who can do the repair without voiding the warranty.

Contact the engineer you trust and set up an appointment to get your boilers checked. They will need to know the model and serial number of the boiler, as well as any error messages you may have noticed. Basic troubleshooting instructions over the phone may be done first then if it’s still not working, they’ll find a time that works for you to come to your house and fix your boiler.