used cars in montclair

Picking The Best Car For First Time Drivers

The first few days, weeks, and months of driving are not going to be easy. It’s a period of adjustment and you will go through a learning process. There are so many things that you will learn now that you are behind the wheel. And that means that minor incidents are expected, but should be avoided. That is why many would suggest for first-time drivers to avoid getting an expensive car for now.


One of the major determining factors when buying a car for a first-time driver is that it should be incredibly fuel-efficient. The less you have to stop and fill up, the more you can concentrate on learning to drive for hours. These days, there are plenty of fuel-efficient car brands and models to choose from, even with used vehicles.

Top-Rated for Safety

When driving, safety should be your priority. You would prefer to go for the pre-owned cars but avoid the older models. For your safety, it is best that you choose modern car models instead. Most of these go through rigorous safety measures. This way, you are guaranteed that you’re safe and the car is built to be sturdy offering better accident protection.

Keep It Simple

For your first car, you don’t need for it to be flashy and fancy. Remember that it will take a while for you to figure out how to drive it without having to worry about getting it dented. So instead of spending a huge sum of money on a brand new car, go for the simple ones for now. It is best that you buy a car that it would be easy to find parts for them in case it breaks down.

used cars in montclair

It Should Fit Your Lifestyle

When choosing a car, you have to make sure that it fits your lifestyle. Whether you need it for your daily commute around the city, or for long hours of driving on highways, or maybe you will be using it for your weekend adventures too. It is very important that you consider this when picking your car for the first time.

Go For A Hatchback

Might not be the number one choice for some, but a hatchback is a great car for first-time drivers. They are not only good-looking, but they are also very useful for your everyday commute. It has enough partition in the back and is small enough to easily maneuver. Another upside is that there are plenty of used hatchback cars at car dealerships to choose from. This means that you will never run out of options.

For first-time drivers, it is highly recommended to choose from top-quality used cars in montclair. It does not mean that since it’s cheaper you can have your fair share of dings and dents, but it is best to be prepared for it. It is tempting to buy your dream car but if you are not yet sure that you can 100% take care of it, then buy the pre-owned version for now.