Fabric Printing's Opportunities for Events and Exhibitions

Fabric Printing’s Opportunities for Events and Exhibitions

Exhibit Hire has grown from a furniture rental firm to a multi-faceted event and exhibition organization. Because we are continually adopting the latest technology and working processes to further increase the visual effect and return on investment of client projects in the best way we know-how, our client list grows as we innovate and move forward with our ear to the ground.

Fabric printing is growing in popularity, and using fabric as a substrate for event and exhibition components reduces the overall weight of the graphics, lowering shipping costs and improving ease of handling. Furthermore, employing fabric boosts the reusability of graphics and improves the overall aesthetic of the finished components.

Fabric Printing Techniques

Even if the initial cost of a fabric product is higher than that of traditional methods, the return on investment is higher due to the fabric project’s overall longevity and elegance. Using cloth as a substrate and dye sublimation as a method, textile company events and exhibition designers can produce incredibly extraordinary projects that would otherwise be impossible.

The Perks of Purchasing Fabric in Bulk


One of the few technologies for printing full-color graphics onto hard surfaces is sublimation. When compared to screen printing, it has a comparatively low learning curve. There are nearly infinite hues to pick from. Sublimation can produce thousands of colors (even if you use a four-color printer), and adding more colors to your design doesn’t cost extra. No need for minimum orders because the cost of printing one item or 1000 items is the same, and it’s ideal for one-off goods and promotional items for small businesses, schools, charities, sports teams, parties, reunions, and more! Customization to the max! Because no plates are required with digital sublimation printing, it is great for customizing designs with changing elements such as names and numbers.

Raise Awareness

Exhibiting at industry events is a great method to improve your brand recognition and raise your profile. There are generally other advertising and sponsorship alternatives available in addition to taking a booth at an event.

Product Launching

Trade exhibitions are an excellent venue for launching a fabric showcase. If your product is innovative, being able to explain it and answer questions in person is fantastic.

Trade exhibitions are an excellent way to meet new customers and suppliers, as well as learn more about your competition. Meeting potential clients at an expo will help you begin growing your marketing lists and produce quality sales leads.