Enhance Your Property with Custom Decks Contractor


A deck area is considered the soul of your real estate property. It can either make or break the impression of your residence. It is the most admired area of the house. You can sit and relax with your friends’ circle or family members and provide a blissful moment for yourself. Various kinds of decks are available in the market, but it is best to design the deck according to the space available in your home and the kind of deck you need. Thus, you can enhance your property with custom decks contractor.

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Types of Decks

  • Wraparound Deck– It is a traditional deck. It is similar to the 90s fashion wraparound porch. However, there is a considerable difference between a traditional porch and a wraparound deck. The former is more petite and evenly structured. But the latter one is usually large with uneven structures. They look like a room in the exterior area of the home. Wraparound decks are elevated structures. This type of deck is highly beneficial to extend the living space of your house. It encourages air circulation throughout the house if you keep the doors open. You can allow or restrict the entry of sunlight into your house with the help of wraparound decks.
  • Multi-tier Deck– A multi-tier deck is commonly called two story deck. It is the perfect option for properties having a large area and multi-stories or an elevation change. These kinds of decks are connected at different levels with the help of steps, stairs, or paths. This design is highly beneficial for regions with hills, slopes, rocky landscapes, and tricky terrain. It maximizes the space by creating distinct and appealing spaces at different levels. It owes a beautiful design that adds a strong visual appeal to the space of your property.
  • Attached Deck– It is very much similar to the patio. The difference lies in the build of the material. An attached deck is made up of wooden material or wood composite structures. It is usually attached at the back of those houses, which are either U-shaped or L-shaped. They offer multiple advantages, like adding an overhead roof, shade, and additional living space.
  • Detached Deck– As the name suggests, a detached deck is a deck separated from the house. It looks like an island because it can be placed anywhere on your home or property. The best feature is that it can be placed in areas like those with poor drainage systems or uneven rocky surfaces.


The decks are platform-like structures made up of wood that offer a place for outdoor activities. They are raised above the ground and have seating areas, screening walls, and overhead protective structures.