The Importance of Choosing Home Extension

Most people choose to have more living space as their family expands. Putting together an impressive home expansion plan can be the perfect alternative to improve your existing home’s utility and living space, thereby increasing its overall value. To fully explore the possibility of home extension or existing property renovation services, it is recommended that you seek the help of a beautification or renovation specialist in your area.

The home extension option can positively change your home. A person may want a larger kitchen or bathroom, an extra en-suite bedroom, an additional living room, or a combination. Always remember that only smart design can bring maximum benefit to your home and improve the quality of your inner life. There are some recommended home extension options to suit your needs and requirements. The most famous ones you can consider are:

Single floor extensions. Whether it’s at the back or on the side, a single floor extension can be a great option to open up some extra space in your home. The method is more chosen as it is cost effective and causes minimal disruption. Various designs are available to suit sloped tiled roofs and flat roof structures.

Two- or two-storey extensions/multi-storey extensions. The type of home extension has been proven to provide a significant improvement in interior space at a nominal cost. A well-planned two-story rear or side superstructure can provide adequate ventilation and sufficient space to meet your exact requirements effectively.


Circular extensions. Circular extensions combine rear and side return extensions to give the customer as much space as possible. This type may be preferable for extending the kitchen and creating a large kitchen-dining area, perhaps with a living area, or adding additional separate rooms. This type of extension can provide maximum space, drastically change the look of your existing home, and offer you maximum flexibility to fit your exact needs. Click to learn more.

When you decide to invest in a home extension project, the next important step is to find the right construction company or builder with the right combination of experience and knowledge to get the job done. Convince yourself of the company’s credibility by reviewing its portfolio of projects and comments from previous clients.

Not all home expansion or extension projects require planning permission. Some types of extensions can be made without asking for permission. In some areas, and depending on your needs, a building permit may be required. Check if planning permission is needed for a planned extension or home improvement.


You can save a lot of money and your precious time and create a stylish extension to your house if you trust a trusted specialist. Overall, a well thought home expansion plan is the best way to create extra space and an affordable option compared to the high costs associated with moving to a new home.