A Guide to Tarot: How to Read Tarot Cards and Consult the Tarot

Tarot cards are one of the most popular and widely recognized divination tools in the world, able to provide answers on any subject. While many people use a deck of traditional playing cards, there are also numerous other types of the Best Tarot Reading Platforms that have received recognition for their specific design or intention. The Tarot is an ancient tool that can be used for anything from personal guidance and communication with spirit guides and ancestors to diagnosing physical ailments, career issues, and even relationships problems.

Reading cards and consulting the Tarot

Best Tarot Reading Platforms

The Fool’s card tells the story of a new beginning, a chance to begin again after so much has not gone as planned. The Magician’s card represents the ability to make changes and move forward with new ideas and plans. The High Priestess is an archetype that embodies communication and communication, as well as change. The Hierophant would represent guidance for any matter that needs to be settled, and should be consulted if one is unsure. The Lovers could be representative of finding love in your life or finding someone who completes you. The Chariot reveals movement, so one should consult this card if one feels stuck in any way or no longer sees their path forward clearly.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is a series of cards that are considered to be one of the most powerful aspects of a Tarot deck. The first card in this series is the Fool, which represents innocence, new beginnings, and a chance to experience something entirely new. The second card in the series is The Magician, which represents action and forward movement. This card can represent an external or internal movement. In some decks, the next card in line is The High Priestess. This card represents communication and can serve as guidance or advice during the period of time that the reader reads for someone else. The next card in the series is The Emperor, which represents new beginnings and growth.

The Tower can represent change, so one should consult this card if they feel that they need to make a change within themselves or their life. The Hermit is representative of mental clarity, so those who consult this card could be anxious about an upcoming event and want to take some time to contemplate. The next card in the series is The Lovers. This card can represent romance or being in a relationship and ready for a long-term commitment. When consulting this card, one should ask about stability within that relationship as well as how it might affect them personally. In the next position comes The Chariot.