Explore the various types of SCF shipping container

SCF is recognized to be one of Australia’s biggest container providers specializing in used and new container hire, sales, and modifications. SCF manages over 13,000 containers across Australia as a top supplier of Australian resources and transport. Defense, construction, and chemical storage industries. They offer the most diverse and widest SCF’s shipping container range of tank, intermodal, and on-site storage containers for purchase or hire.

SCF is backed by high-quality products delivered safely, quickly, and efficiently. Shipping container deals with various sectors to provide customized container solutions and is cost affordable. For long and short-term assignments, it can be used for travel, shortage, and transport to lodging. Try search by industry if you don’t have any idea about what are your requirements.


Discover some types of Shipping container

  • Dry storage Container
  • The most well-known used shipping containers come in different dimensions that are standardized by ISO. They are used for shipping dry materials in the sizes of 20ft, 40ft, and 10ft.
  • Open top container
  • With an adaptable top that can be taken out completely to make an open-top. Thus materials of any height can be easily shipped.
  • Flat rack container
  • These are similar to simple storage shipping containers with collapsible sides. Where the sides can be bent to make a flat rack for shipping a broad variety of goods.
  • Open side storage container
  • This storage unit is offered with doors that can modify into open sides completely. Providing a much broader room for loading of materials.
  • Double doors container
  • They are a kind of storage unit that is given with double doors. Making a broader room for unloading and loading of materials. Construction materials include iron and steel in standardized sizes of 40ft and 20ft.

Know the great benefits of using SCF shipping containers

  • For Security Purposes
  • The safety of the goods is what the transporter always worry. SCF cargo containers provide ultimate security to items on delivery. After the goods are loaded into the shipping containers, they have to fasten completely securing the goods from any unwanted substance that can cause massive destruction.
  • Flexibility
  • The containers are not only used on roads yet also on rail. So, it lets you lessen the cost and service greater distances. The cargos are used to ship both small goods and huge batches of goods irrespective of the distance.
  • Transformable
  • Nowadays, the real estate market is loaded with various forms of diversified homes. Container homes are making their way to the top gradually. The storage containers are considered since they can be moved easily. You can pick any interior designs and decor you preferred because of their size to make it homely. Depending on what is best suits your space. The company also designs and develops more customized products for clients who want more particular solutions.