Escape Room Online: The Best Way To Bond Virtually

With group bonding activities like board games, pranks and laser tags being as popular as they can be, pandemics caused many such activities to halt for a good few months. This, in turn, caused many people to feel isolated and bored, with chatting being the only way to elevate this feeling. However, games like escape room online helped many to bond again — especially since this activity, which was once only physically available, requires people to corporate together to play.

After joining a common voice channel, one can easily play escape room together; looking for solutions together to formulate a plan to get out of the virtual room as fast as possible. The possibility of chaos in such a scenario is infinite and so is the fun and teasing.

What is an escape room?

escape room online

In a nutshell, an escape room is a space, physical or virtual, that consists of several clues that one can use to get out of the room as soon as one can. It can also be played against the time, with a limited period given to solve the problem.

Escape rooms are usually played in groups but the online version of it also has individual modes for those either playing alone or planning to compete against someone by playing individually and comparing the time in the end. It is more of an activity or game that helps engage one’s mind in the most creative way possible, especially if they are within a group and trying to brainstorm together.

Is the online version of the escape room better?

The answer to this question usually depends on the players rather than the game itself since the physical version is more engaging and makes people feel more involved and present while the online version has far more creative rooms and even more creative answers.

The online version of escape rooms is also easily accessible and can be played for free on many websites, unlike its physical counterpart, making it fun and cost-effective at the same time. Furthermore, easy accessibility is also something to be appreciated as friends from across the globe can participate and play together without any hassle.


In the end, escape rooms have been fun and creative group activities to practice not only one’s imaginative answering skills but also group dynamics and cooperation. With its online version available for everyone, it has become even more accessible to play and spend time together.