The best toys for 1-year-olds to entertain and engage them

Kids begin leaving the baby stage and entering the toddler stage at around one year of age. As they develop emotionally, physically, and developmentally, a new world of toys for 1 year olds opens for them as well. The great toys for one-year-olds help enhance motor skills, give sensory enrichment, and promote language learning. Whether they’re crawling, walking, or sitting, having several toys is a must for busy households. Thus, you’re shopping to ensure to find some toys with a broad range of applications.

Toys are more than games and fun for kids. A lot of toys give some opportunity for children to learn. The best toys spark their imaginations, seize a child’s senses, and promote them to engage with others. You’ll want to ensure that the toys you select are developmentally suitable and are fun. Thus, choose toys that are easy and safe for your children. Below are some great products that are durable, educational, easy to use, and age-appropriate.

toys for 1 year olds

Top picks for the best toys for 1-year-olds

  • Battat Wooden Activity Cube
  • With five various play surfaces and a variety of activities, the Battat Wooden Activity Cube is a great choice. The solid cube features spinning blocks, little doors to open and shut, and sliding knobs. Also, it has a rolling wood block with joyful farm animals. It has pleasant pictures of animals and the activities will keep your toddlers entertained.
  • Edushape Fun Z Balls
  • These balls are safe for 9 months old babies and up and are great for sensory play. The set has three balls, all are different colors, created with various textures and colors. It is made from soft plastic and they’re great for tossing, bouncing, and rolling and are easy for little ones to grasp.
  • TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak eggs
  • Unlike a usual carton of eggs, 18 months old children and up are motivated to crack all their eggs inside. Each egg has a detachable top with a colorful face that complements the chick on the inside. Once your kiddo presses down on the chick, it shriek and aids develop fine motor and sensory skills.
  • Toys one two squeeze baby blocks
  • Toddlers between 6 months and 3 years old can sort, stack, toss, squeeze, and chew these blocks that are manufactured from a soft molding foam. The set has 10 blocks in different colors that each have various images on all six sides. These include animals, numbers, and shapes.
  • Leapfrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo
  • This toy is more useful than it looks. Though it’s just small, the buttons on the base allow little select one of three modes of play. These are music, animals, or letters. When your child associates by pushing any number of buttons or spinning the wheel. They’ll create their vocabulary and boost their motor skills.