Basic Things You Need To Know About Navtex

For every voyager, no matter how small the vessel he owns, it is important for them to have advanced tools and equipment that ensure the safety of the vessel along with the people in it. Accidents are prone to happen and it doesn’t matter how experienced a sailor he is. In order to stay safe in the ocean, it is a must to have a Navtex, implemented on the vessel.

So, what does it do and what are the advantages it offers? If you are looking for answers to these questions then this article will provide you with every basic thing that you need to know about these devices. So, keep reading this article to find out more about this particular device.

What does It do?

Navtex stands for Navigational Telex ( navigational text messages). It is used in vessels to get short-range maritime safety information. It also offers navigational and meteorological information to the sailor, enabling them to learn about the situation of the ocean. Since there are always chances of the sea getting rougher, this forecasting helps the sailors to be prepared for the incoming situations.

Advantages of Navtex

Safety of the Vessel and the Crew

The most significant advantage of this particular device is that it ensures the safety of the vessel by providing meteorological information beforehand along with maritime safety information for ships. It allows the vessel and its crew to be prepared for incoming situations by navigating the vessel toward a safe zone.

User-Friendly Device


This particular device is extremely user-friendly and it doesn’t require the navigational officer to perform tasks to get messages. Being an automated machine, it keeps the messages updated in real-time, which reduces the chances of missing out on any important information or message.

Time Efficient

Being an automated device saves a lot of time. It allows the officer to amend their navigational route by making an efficient plan to avoid danger in the ocean. It only needs to operate before making the journey to make the plan and keep it on during the entire voyage. Which makes it convenient and extremely time-efficient.

Navtex is an essential device that is required for every vessel in the ocean. Without installing it in the vessel, you should never go out in the sea. However, make sure to opt for only the best when you decide to purchase it.