Innovative Food And Beverage Business In Jakarta

If you plan to start a food and beverage business, the entire plan will be daunting. You will start to look for a good location, affordable lot area, financial, and kitchen tools and equipment. Come to think of this! Do you think you can just have hundreds of money out of these? Probably, you will be preparing thousands or millions for the business to complete.

But, many food and beverages today choose to start their business through the konsep cloud kitchen. What is it all about and how can it help your culinary business?

What is a cloud kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is software where everything that happens in your business takes place, from cooking to delivery. Start to receive orders from customers and prepare in the kitchen. Rent the cloud kitchen with all the cooking materials and ingredients needed. All you must do is to cook for the order and they do the rest – pick up and delivery.

k up and delivery

Yes, this type of industrial kitchen has been helping small food and beverages businesses. They can start selling their foods and beverages in this cloud kitchen. Professional drivers are provided to deliver your food to the customers.

konsep cloud kitchen

The professional drivers are licensed and well-trained on their job, ensuring that the food and beverages stay fresh and no damage when arrived. A door-to-door delivery takes place, in which customers can guarantee that they can check the order first before paying. But, there is also a payment option through credit cards and e-wallets.

Easy way to start your culinary business

Yes, interested chefs out there who can’t wait to sell their best menus can have this cloud kitchen concept. Aside from having a kitchen ready to use, the cooking space is sanitized. So, customers can be sure that the food prepared for them is clean.

Why hassle yourself from thinking of getting a loan to start a food and beverage business while you can have this innovative kitchen? When you get a loan to finance your culinary business, it takes time before you can start. While in this type of kitchen, you can have a ready cooking space, equipment, and ingredients.

It is in you on when to start. Prepare all your specialties and menus for the excited customers and make them your loyal customers. Many fresh culinary businesses are creating a good name in this kitchen. Soon, you can have your restaurant or cafe, thanks to this industrial kitchen.