A Beginners’ Guide To Running a Cloud Kitchens

For the past few years, the online food delivery market has been booming. And it is expected to grow continuously. Restaurant owners are now ditching the traditional brick-and-mortar strategy in preference of the more cash-flow-positive Cloud Kitchen model. So if you are thinking about investing in your digital industrial kitchen, then here’s what you need to know.

All About A Cloud Kitchen

A cloud kitchen, often referred to as a “ghost kitchen,” “virtual restaurant,” or “satellite kitchen,” is a digital restaurant that solely serves takeout orders and does not have a physical venue for customers to eat in. Customers can order online while some do it over the phone. And to take online orders, they generally rely on their websites or mobile apps.

The cloud kitchen business allows restaurants to experiment with new concepts and formats, which has resulted in a wide variety of food delivery business ideas. They are seen as low-risk and high-profit because they are much less expensive to set up and start with than a regular dine-in or takeaway restaurant.

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Most Popular Cloud Kitchen Models

After learning what a cloud kitchen is, it is time to know what industrial kitchen design or models are available. It is crucial that you know which one will work best for you, depending on various factors.

  • Standalone or Single Brand. A single-brand cloud kitchen follows a basic theme and concept. It usually has one or two cuisines and a limited menu of 10 to 15 items. A standalone cloud kitchen is typically 300 sq ft.
  • Virtual Restaurants. A virtual restaurant operates inside an existing restaurant. The brand uses the current restaurant’s kitchen infrastructure and resources, just under a different brand name. With a virtual brand, you can try a new cuisine that isn’t on the menu at the main restaurant.
  • Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen. This complete kitchen allows multiple brands from the same company to use the existing equipment and resources. The model enables companies to reach a larger audience and sell more to existing customers. A more extensive customer base is also made possible by multiple listings on aggregators.

Should You Start A Cloud Kitchen In 2022?

Cloud kitchens come with plenty of benefits. You don’t need a storefront in a prime location or wait staff to serve guests when you launch a cloud kitchen compared to a traditional dine-in restaurant. That is why cloud kitchens are one of the most profitable food business models these days. Simply because of its low investment and fewer risk, as well as its ability to be easily replicated and expanded.