Here Are Straight-Up Benefits Of Choosing Disposable Contact Lens Singapore

Those who wear monthly or bi-weekly contact lenses are familiar with the hassle of storing, cleaning, and pampering them. One has to scour clean the lens case, fill it with proper contact lens solution, and lubricate the item daily before hitting the bed. Though, it is true that monthly and bi-weekly contact lenses are relatively economical as you do not have to purchase them often and offer the favour of extended wearability. Yet, the instances of contact lens-related infections and risky hairspray or calcium deposits are also associated with them. In such a scenario, disposable contact lens singapore is garnering the spotlight owing to their safety and feasibility.

Below are some benefits that justify the craze of disposable contact lenses, and you too would work out on the safest option for your eyes.

  • Enjoy the same crystal vision: With disposable contact lenses, you savour crisp and crystal-clear images without handling the mess of their upkeep. Instead, you use them throughout the day and discard them before going to sleep. While bi-weekly and monthly lenses promise lucid vision only after dragging through hundred milestones of cleaning them.
  • Freedom from cleaning & storage: Once you call your day and return to your home anticipating rest, it can be annoying to recall that you wear monthly or bi-weekly contact lenses. For you would have to raise your knackered limbs to pour and rub the solutions for cleaning the eye aid and preparing them for the next day. With disposable contact lens singapore, you are free of this fuss as you pull them out and toss them into the trash, and bob’s your uncle!
  • Safety of eye: Bi-weekly or monthly contact lens wearers may look at some point whine about hazardous hairspray and calcium deposits that bring about irritation in the eyes. Since you use disposable contacts daily and discard them at the end of the day, this issue won’t bother you here, thus promising the eye’s safety.
  • No instances of infections: Although bi-weekly and monthly contact lenses are budget-friendly, however, they pose higher risks of conjunctivitis, pinkeye, keratitis, a kind of cornea infection if hygiene is not taken care of. However, daily disposable contact lenses offer a pro of saving you from hospital bills by preventing the occurrence of eye infections.

These are enough reasons to facilitate you in deciding what to choose disposable contact lenses or others. The ball is in your court!