How to choose a headlamp for your survival kit?

When you are aware of the features you need in your headlamp, you can be sure of what you want.

The following are important considerations when choosing a headlamp. In case you want to buy running headlamps online, do make a note of these.

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  • The brightness component of your headlamp: This is measured in terms of Lumens that are present in your headlamp. How bright your lamp should be, depends on the various uses to which you put your lamp. You get a variety of lamps that range from 20 Lumes to 1500 Lumens. Buying from a reputed brand, you can be assured that the Lumens are provided correctly and it is safe to identify the lamp based on this. We naturally feel that a light should be very bright but it is not so because it may not suit certain purposes. Lamps with low Lumens of 25+ are suitable for camping in the dark or using inside the tent. Higher lumens of 200+ are suitable for running in the dark. A very high lumen of 1500 is very useful for rescue teams for spotting poorly flagged trails. It can also be used for high-speed biking.
  • Source of power: You should recharge these headlamps as they lose power after using for some time. How do you intend to recharge them is to be decided. You got the rechargeable lights with a USB that you can plug into any wall outlet and keep ready on the go. All you need is to carry the power cord with you. You should also carry enough batteries that are specific to your headlamp. It may be AA or AAA type batteries and are easily available in most stores. Headlamps that are both chargeable with USB and also battery-powered are both available.
  • Battery life: This is another point to be considered while choosing a headlamp. You know that the brighter light, the more is energy consumed. This means that the battery life will be short. There are different modes of using a lamp and energy is consumed according to the mode. If you are using the lamp in an emergency, the battery life should be extremely good. You should choose headlamps that have a regulated output. For use in extremely cold weather, you should select headlamps with external battery packs. The battery packs can be kept warm inside a bag or your jacket since, in very cold conditions, the battery may die.
  • The beam pattern of headlamp: These are listed on the specifications of the headlamp when you buy running headlamps online. It can have a focused spot beam light to give focus to a particular area. A wide beam light can be used around a camp. You get a combination of both too in a headlamp.