Which finger do you wear wedding band and engagement ring and why

How do you wear wedding bands and engagement rings before, during and after the wedding? Here are all the answers, between traditions and superstition.

There are many important jewels , but none will change your life like these two rings, try to believe! After explaining how to choose the ring for the marriage proposal and how to photograph them , here is a guide on how to wear them, before, after and during the wedding,  with some curiosities about the origin of these traditions and superstitions wedding bands Melbourne.

The faiths

The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, because according to an ancient belief a vein passes through it that reaches directly to the heart ; it is a symbolic way to attribute to this jewel the task of guiding the feelings to the heart, ensuring love and happiness. While in Italy it is worn on the left hand, in many other countries (Spain and Greece for example) it is worn on the right. Each country has its own superstitions  when it comes to marriage, it is said about faith that it brings bad luck to wear it before the wedding!

The engagement ring

Are you more diamond or emerald green?¬† Whichever stone you choose, remember to wear the engagement ring on your left hand until your wedding day. On the morning of the fateful ‘Yes, I do’, move it to the right, for a simple matter of convenience. Do not buy the engagement ring together with the wedding rings, it is bad!

After the wedding

After the fateful day these two jewels, which are the symbol of your indissoluble union, will be able to go back to being together on the ring finger of the left hand , apart from these 5 occasions when it is better to remove them.

Choose the right jewels for you, and don’t forget to indulge your personality ; turning to the best suppliers closest to you you will surely find the perfect ring!

How do you choose your wedding rings?

Knowing how to choose your wedding rings is the first step to avoid making a mistake that you may regret for many years to come.

The choice of rings for your wedding must be considered and dictated by clear assumptions shared by both spouses. That of the wedding rings is a really decisive and critical detail for a couple who is planning a wedding.

After the ” Guide to models of engagement rings ” we suggest some simple steps that can facilitate the task of how to choose the wedding rings .

The material: if you can opt for 18 karat gold, it is unalterable over time, does not oxidize and can be easily brought to the initial state of luster.

The measure: take the correct measure of the fingers, for safety have it done by those who will make and sell the wedding rings.