Bashir Dawood: Enigma Personified

The world is full of people who have worked tirelessly to impact millions of lives positively; only when we decide to pay attention to these positive people instead of the negative ones do we see the beauty in us, the beauty of humanity. A perfect example of one such human being is Bashir Dawood. Not only is he famous for his philanthropic activities, so is his wife MariyamDawood, who is also very well known for being a part of these initiatives.


He founded the company Dawlance, which started with producing refrigerators and became one of the largest appliances companies in Pakistan.  However, beyond his success as a business magnate, Dawood is known more because of his philanthropic works.

Sick Kids Foundation

One of the major reasons for his popularity is his association with the Sick Kids Foundation charity, an organization formed in Canada. He is known to work for kids and is an ardent believer in giving back to society. Not only has he worked for the kids of his country, but underprivileged kids from all across the world. He has worked endlessly to provide children comfort from all sorts of ailments.

Philanthropic Activities Of Dawood Couple

Both Bashir and his wife MariyamDawood hail from the healthcare industry, which drove them to work for the sick and the underprivileged. Along with providing ample money for medical research, both of them are extremely enthusiastic about spreading their help to more and more needy people all over the world, with the help of their resources. What differentiates these two people from others is their direct, enthusiastic involvement in every project.

Role In Promoting Education

This Dawood couple has been playing a huge role in promoting quality education in Pakistan. The new, digitized world needs people who are not only well informed but also well-versed with technology. The ever-growing population of Pakistan needs to focus on quality education more, which is where they are playing important roles. They have helped establish a significant number of educational schools to impart quality education to the Pakistani youth. The SulemanDawood School of Business (SDSB) was established in 1986. It is a famous institution that offers the following programs – Ph.D. courses, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor degrees (Majors in Accounting and Finance, Management Science), short programs dedicated for the executives, etcetera.


In 2006, Dawood found himself in Pakistan’s biggest ever money laundering case. They were caught in a case of evading tax, and all the family members (worth rupees 19 billion) were frozen. FIR was also launched against the owners of the Dawlance company.