Difference between Condo and townhouse

Buying a house can be a frustrating experience, along with all the intricate real estate jargon that may add to the confusion, particularly for the individuals who are buying homes for the first time. It might be tough to understand the issue of your property search with several distinct architectural words and styles of homes available. Choosing the right sort of house for your requirements is a good place to start. Although both townhomes and the new launch condo for sale singapore are excellent choices, several important differences may render either of these properties best suited to your living than another. Let us look into some of the differences between both of them.

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  • Type of ownership: Among the most significant distinctions between a condominium and a townhome is the level of upkeep that the homeowner is accountable for. When you own a condominium, you’re solely accountable for the interior of the particular unit, and you’ll generally pay owners’ union fee to handle the outside, facilities, and communally owned upkeep. There are two forms of proprietorship for townhouses: fee basic and condo. Because you only possess the inside of a townhouse when you buy a condo, the care of the home and property and gardens is handled by HOA charges. You’ll be accountable for keeping your house, and front, rear, and side gardens, if you have fee-simple possession.
  • Amenities: The facilities and shared areas that a condominium and a townhome provide are other distinctions. Although facilities differ per area or structure, most condominiums include fantastic facilities that tenants may use, such as a swimming pool and playgrounds. Townhouses often have less facility than condominiums; however, some newer townhome developments have more. A club, daycare, swimming, or other facilities may be found in most townhouses. Many new townhouses, particularly in an age-restricted senior living community, have luxury facilities. Some even feature personal gyms with exercise classes sessions and basketball courts.
  • Privacy: Another significant difference between the two kinds of properties is privacy. Condo and townhome homeowners usually enjoy lesser privacy than separate property owners. Nevertheless, residing in a sort of home that is simpler to manage compensates for this. A townhome may be a superior option for you than a condominium if you want a personal garden space or want to escape loud neighbors. You’ll almost certainly have a lawn apart from other communal areas where your children or dogs may enjoy.


Hope the above details will make your job easier while you choose between townhouse and condo.