What Is Black Gold Durian, And Where To Obtain It?

Firstly let us know about what it is Durian? To some people, Durian might be known as an exotic fruit, but it is not just a strange fruit but an identity and cultural tradition to the Nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

A Durian is known as the king of fruits in many countries, and it is an exotic fruit found over the tropical islands. In Asian countries, there are 300 plus species of Dorian, and among them, nine are edible and popular.

There are many possible crossbreeds and local specialties among these edible species found only in Singapore and Thailand.

Like there is a king of mangoes for mango lovers called the species Alfonso. Likewise, Durian also has a king of species ruling the taste. Durian lovers have the most exotic and perfect combined taste known as Black gold Durian.

The durian black gold is also known as maoshanwang. It is privately cultivated for exports, making it the most expensive exotic crossbreed that is 100% organic and distinguished from other local Durian species.

durian black gold

Where To Obtain The King Of Exotic Durian Mao Shan Wang?

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Final Thoughts 

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